Put Together A Couple's Kit To Save Your EDM Festival Experience

Are you heading out to an EDM festival with a significant other this season? Whether you have been together for a few weeks or for years, couples tend to experience EDM music festivals differently than their single counterparts. Flirtations with strangers, keeping track of each other, and sheer exhaustion can all put stress on your relationship, making it difficult to enjoy the festival together. However, if you prepare for these stresses, you can find festivals more enjoyable as a couple. To make the most of your experience, put together a couple's kit before you go.

Here are some things you should think about including in your kit:

  • Two Schedules. Many couples try to spend the entire festival together. However, if you want to be at different stages at the same time, you should give yourself freedom to do so. Make two copies of the schedule ahead of time and highlight where each of you will be. This way you can find each other in emergencies and know when you can expect to meet up. 
  • Plenty of Water. Tempers tend to shorten as you and your partner become dehydrated. At the first sign of irritation, try offering your significant other an ice cold, refreshing beverage before you sit down to talk. 
  • Your Favorite Treats. Hunger can also wear on your emotions. If you find you are bickering with your significant other, consider sitting down in a quieter place and enjoying a snack of your favorite food together. The time to reconnect and the extra energy will help keep your relationship together. 
  • Ear Plugs. Ear plugs not only save your hearing, but also prevent you from getting a headache while listening to your favorite DJs. They will also let you and your significant other get an adequate amount of sleep, which will help you remain civil towards each other throughout the weekend. 
  • Condoms and Lubrication. If you and your partner are sexually active, make sure you are prepared with condoms and lube. Even if you do not use these things at home, they provide a more comfortable and hygienic experience at festivals where one of you is likely to be dehydrated at some point. 
  • Intimate Wet Wipes. These will allow you to clean yourselves off before engaging in any sexual activities. 
  • A Free Pass. Take the time to write something sweet and tender on a note card before you go to the festival. If you get in an argument, give each other the cards to help remind yourselves how you feel about one another. Consider this a free pass for one of your festival fights. 

Going to a festival together can actually strengthen your relationship as long as you and your partner are realistic and prepared.