R&B Music Gives All The Feeling Of That Brief Moment

R&B is all about the feeling of the story.  R&B music moves the listener to want to stay within a small space of emotion for as long as possible and to keep that feeling going for just that moment longer.

Music tells a story, and R&B music has been telling a story for a long time, driven from the base instincts to truly feel connected. The message of R&B music often talks of the moment. It captures the magic of that glance from across the room or the simple touch of a hand on soft skin. The artists of R&B have perfected the art of musical seduction. The moment is everything. Without the responsibility of the past or the future, the message of R&B music is often the message of desire and passion.

These deep feeling songs have distinguishing characteristics:

The bass drives through the song and sends a deep and lasting feeling to the soul. The goal and use of bass isn't to overwhelm the senses, but to strategically impact the moment. Often the bass isn't a constant influence, but rather the bass finds impact in the most desirable moments rhythmically and lyrically.

The rhythms in R&B border careless whim while maintaining complete precision. Much of the overall message is portrayed through rhythm, as so much precision is placed upon the moment, but is also simultaneously coupled with the desire to recklessly let it all go. The rhythm truly speaks to the alluring sentiment to let it all go, but also to stay so connected and controlled.

The lyrics of R&B music are delivered through feeling. The message is meant to be felt heart-to-heart and not completely based from a logical standpoint. It is every word trying to convey the direct feeling of the wanton heart. It is desire amplified and lusts dignified.

New R&B Artist music videos help the viewer visualize the concepts of feeling. The message is often rooted in wanton desire. The cars, the perfectly sculpted and manicured girls or boys, and the money and lavish living are all part of the attempt to explain those desires in a visual manner. These images portray what could be considered the best of living in the moment. When those images are coupled with the feeling of the music and lyrics, the viewer is able to place himself or herself in that brief moment and make it their own story, feeling everything it entails. The recall of similar moments drives the continued desire to want more and to create those similar moments into their own realities and daily lives.