Pros And Cons Of Buying A Digital Piano

If you've made the exciting decision to add a piano to your home, you'll want to visit a local piano store and assess your options. There are many different types of pianos to consider, and it's important to make the right decision about which model to buy — after all, you and your family members will likely enjoy hours of fun around the piano in the coming years. If a digital piano has caught your eye, consider these points before you make your decision.

Pro: Compact, Convenient Size

A big reason to buy a digital piano is that this type of instrument is often smaller in stature than other pianos, making it easier to situate in your home. One of the challenges of buying an instrument of this size is finding a suitable spot to set it up. Generally, you'll want the piano in your living room or a comparable space, and the presence of windows and existing furniture can make this a challenge. Because a digital piano is compact, you won't have trouble finding a proper spot for it.

Con: Not an Investment

When you buy a grand piano that costs tens of thousands of dollars, this purchase represents a considerable investment. Over time, a high-quality instrument of this type may increase in value. Digital pianos tend to be lower in price — which is certainly an advantage — but this means that the value of your piano won't likely go up. For some people, this may not be a concern, fortunately.

Pro: Easy to Move

One of the challenges of having an upright piano or a grand piano is that their size make them extremely difficult to move. In most cases, you'll need to have the instrument delivered to your home and hire a piano mover whenever you move to a new house. A big benefit of a digital piano is that it's easy to move. The lightweight nature of this instrument means that you won't have trouble moving it yourself, and some digital pianos have removable legs to make the job easier.

Con: Caliber of Sound

It's important to note that a digital piano has a beautiful sound that can fill your home adequately. However, when you compare it to higher-end upright and grand pianos, you may find that these types offer better sound. While a digital piano's sound might not be as good as its counterparts that cost significantly more, you should try to remember that a digital piano represents good value for families.