Make Sure To Buy These Accessories When You Shop For A Piano

Your local musical instrument store has a wide range of pianos that can suit every musician. Whether you're an accomplished player who is looking for a grand piano to set up in your luxury home, or you're just starting out and you want a digital piano for your apartment, you can find the instrument that suits you. While your primary focus might be on shopping for the piano itself, don't overlook getting a handful of accessories that will augment the playing experience and help in other ways. Here are three essential accessories to buy when you're shopping for a piano.

Piano Bench

Some pianos come with benches, while others do not. This is a vital accessory for playing this musical instrument. Don't try to convince yourself that you can sit on a kitchen chair or an ottoman while playing the piano. A proper bench is integral to the playing experience. Not only does it allow you to sit at the right height in front of the keyboard, but its surface allows you to easily slide to either side based on where on the keyboard you're playing. Piano benches are often hinged, too, giving you a space to store your music books and other accessories.

Piano Light

In the daytime, you might have enough light to read your sheet music with ease. If you're playing the piano in the evening, however, you may notice that the light in the room doesn't do a proper job of illuminating the music in front of you. Instead of straining to read the music, make sure that you buy a piano light. This is a valuable accessory for playing with ease and comfort. It mounts to the top of the piano directly above your music, and is often adjustable to allow you to ensure that the light is aiming where you want it.

Piano Lock

One piano accessory that you'll want to pick up when you buy your piano is a piano lock. This is an accessory that may be easy to overlook, but it has value — especially if there are children in your home. If you have children who live with you or grandchildren who visit, you probably don't want them banging on the keyboard. Unfortunately, unless you're vigilant about supervising the piano, this behavior may occur. A piano lock is a simple device that allows you to close the cover over the keyboard and keep it locked when you're not playing it.