R&B Music Gives All The Feeling Of That Brief Moment

R&B is all about the feeling of the story.  R&B music moves the listener to want to stay within a small space of emotion for as long as possible and to keep that feeling going for just that moment longer. Music tells a story, and R&B music has been telling a story for a long time, driven from the base instincts to truly feel connected. The message of R&B music often talks of the moment.

Piano Lessons: It's Never Too Late!

Many a child has fought with their parents in an effort to drop out of piano lessons. Often, those same children grow up to be adults who wish they knew how to play the piano. The moral of this story for children: Stick with it. While it is easier to learn the piano at a young age when you are still being molded in many different ways, it is really never too late to learn to play the piano.