Simple Tips To Keep Your Guitar In Good Condition

One of the unexpected lessons you've probably learned while taking guitar lessons is the importance of taking care of your guitar. In order to ensure that your notes are consistently crisp, you need to keep your guitar clean. Oil, dust and sweat can all cause the strings on the guitar to oxidize. Once this process occurs, you will begin to see a decline in the tone your guitar reaches. Fortunately, taking care of a guitar isn't rocket science. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Clean Your Hands

Make it a point to clean your hands with an antibacterial soap before you play your guitar. Antibacterial soaps don't just remove bacteria from your hands, but they also contain alcohol. Alcohol is great at removing the oils naturally found on the skin.

When these oils get transferred to your guitar, this can dull the strings. If you are unable to get to a sink, at the very least, use a small amount of hand sanitizer. Whether you use soap and water or hand sanitizer, make certain you are thoroughly drying your hands to ensure you aren't exposing the guitar to excess moisture.  

Store Properly

Make sure you are storing away your guitar properly in between lessons. You should never just place your guitar on the floor or on a shelf. It's best to store your instrument upright and in a guitar case. Guitar cases are designed to prevent humidity and airborne contaminants, such as cigarette smoke, from damaging your guitar.

Storing the guitar upright minimizes the amount of dust that collects on the guitar. If you don't have a guitar case, make sure you are storing the guitar upright in a temperature controlled room and in a space where the guitar won't be prone to falls or some other accident.

Always Check Your Strap

Make it a point to always check the condition of the strap before placing it on your body. If it is loose and you put the strap on your body, the guitar could detach and slam on the ground. This type of scenario could cause a great amount of damage and even has the potential to completely ruin your guitar.

Always look at each end of the strap to ensure that it's secure. Additionally, if your guitar came with a thin strap, it's a good idea to upgrade to a sturdier strap as a thin strap could cause the same problem as a loose one.

How well you take care of your guitar won't just affect its playability, but it will also have an effect on how long the guitar lasts you. Make certain you are taking good care of your guitar. Visit this website for more information.