Give Vinyl A Chance: 3 Reasons To Explore This Throwback Way Of Enjoying Music

It's tough to beat the convenience of digital music, but if you're looking for a way to enjoy your favorite albums in a classic way, buy a turntable for your home and head to your local music store to shop for vinyl. Take this path and you won't be alone -- according to data from Nielsen Soundscan, the organization that tracks music industry statistics, vinyl sales in the U.S. have risen consistently since 2005.

What Makes A Bosendorfer Piano Unique?

The Bosendorfer piano is a beautiful piece of musical art with a few unique design characteristics that you don't find in other pianos. The Austrian company is dedicated to creating pianos that last longer than a lifetime and make exquisite music. Here are the characteristics of the Bosendorfer piano that make it so special: Keys Standard pianos have 88 keys. The Bosendorfer Imperial can have 92 to 97 keys allowing the piano to have eight octaves instead of the usual seven on pianos with 88 keys.

Three Tips To Avoid Accidentally Triggering A Newly-Installed Car Alarm

Especially if you live in a crowded city with a lot of crime, installing a new and quality car alarm on your car is a necessity if you want to protect your property. But in the first few months after the new alarm system is installed, your unfamiliarity with it could cause a few very annoying false alarms. To ensure that you don't accidentally trigger a newly-installed car alarm, read these three tips.

Simple Tips To Keep Your Guitar In Good Condition

One of the unexpected lessons you've probably learned while taking guitar lessons is the importance of taking care of your guitar. In order to ensure that your notes are consistently crisp, you need to keep your guitar clean. Oil, dust and sweat can all cause the strings on the guitar to oxidize. Once this process occurs, you will begin to see a decline in the tone your guitar reaches. Fortunately, taking care of a guitar isn't rocket science.

Two Of Your Questions About Working With A Mixing Engineer Answered

Producing music is one of the most rewarding forms of artistic expression that you can do. However, if you are wanting to formally record your songs, it is important for you to have professional help to ensure that your recordings match your artistic vision. While you may not be able to afford a full-service producer, there are online mixing engineers that can help you improve the sound of your music for a fraction of the price of a producer.

Put Together A Couple's Kit To Save Your EDM Festival Experience

Are you heading out to an EDM festival with a significant other this season? Whether you have been together for a few weeks or for years, couples tend to experience EDM music festivals differently than their single counterparts. Flirtations with strangers, keeping track of each other, and sheer exhaustion can all put stress on your relationship, making it difficult to enjoy the festival together. However, if you prepare for these stresses, you can find festivals more enjoyable as a couple.

Tuning a Piano: Questions and Answers

If you own a piano, over time it may sound a bit out of tune. The process to correctly tune a piano requires a good ear and real experience. In order for your beautiful instrument to sound correctly, it's important that it be tuned regularly so you can have years of enjoyment with it. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about having your investment tuned properly. How Much Will it Cost?

Tips For Finding Affordable Musical Instruments

Whether you are looking for a musical instrument for yourself or for your child, you might be interested in finding the best deal on the price. After all, some instruments are known to cost a lot of money. All you need to do is take a moment to reflect on the following tips for finding musical instruments that fall within your price range. Visit The Pawn Shop When some people think of pawn shops, they think of jewelry.