Three Tips To Avoid Accidentally Triggering A Newly-Installed Car Alarm

Especially if you live in a crowded city with a lot of crime, installing a new and quality car alarm on your car is a necessity if you want to protect your property. But in the first few months after the new alarm system is installed, your unfamiliarity with it could cause a few very annoying false alarms. To ensure that you don't accidentally trigger a newly-installed car alarm, read these three tips.

Try To Minimize The Number Of Keys You Put On Your Key Ring

Most modern car alarms come with a panic button on an electronic key. Even if this panic button is very small, there's still a chance that you could accidentally trigger it when you're stuffing a full key chain into your pocket.

So right after you get your new electronic car key, go through all the keys on your key chain and remove the ones that you don't absolutely need to carry around with you. 

Look For Any Falling Fruits Around Trees You Park Your Car Under

While some car alarms are more sensitive than others, most of them will start chirping if a large and heavy object suddenly lands on the vehicle's hood. In addition to any dent the impact may cause, you could be forced to immediately leave anything from a shower to an important work assignment in order to address the problem.

Try not to park your car under a tree that's known to periodically drop large objects, like crab apples. If you're not sure what type of tree you're parking your car under at first glance, take a little time to inspect the tree's underside before you leave the vehicle alone.

Ensure That All The Moving Parts In Your Car Doors Are Well Maintained

Car alarms are designed to immediately go off if any of the car's doors are opened in an unauthorized manner. As a result of this, it isn't unheard of for a car alarm to suddenly go off because one of the moving parts in a car door malfunctioned and caused the door to move slightly away from its original position.

When you're updating your vehicle's car alarm system, also try to see whether any of the handles, levers, or springs in your car doors also need to be replaced.

Even though car alarm systems often seem complicated because of all the trouble they can cause, your car alarm is actually a relatively simple component of your vehicle. As long as you take a few simple precautions while you get used to how your particular car alarm operates, your car shouldn't make loud noises without a good reason.

Talk with a local car alarm installation professional, such as Sun Valley Stereo, for more information about installing a car alarm and how to get used to it.