What Makes A Bosendorfer Piano Unique?

The Bosendorfer piano is a beautiful piece of musical art with a few unique design characteristics that you don't find in other pianos. The Austrian company is dedicated to creating pianos that last longer than a lifetime and make exquisite music. Here are the characteristics of the Bosendorfer piano that make it so special:


Standard pianos have 88 keys. The Bosendorfer Imperial can have 92 to 97 keys allowing the piano to have eight octaves instead of the usual seven on pianos with 88 keys. The extra keys not only add to the sound, but allow you to play music that requires pipes from a pedal organ.


The sound of a Bosendorfer piano is often described as "dark" or "resounding." Those extra keys are bass keys. Even when they aren't struck, the strings reverberate and add to the sound. The deep sound makes dark and demanding music sound darker and more demanding. It wows listeners as it echoes through a concert hall.

Easy Tuning and Service

Bosendorfer is the only piano company in the world to use a capo d'astro bar you can remove easily. This makes it easier for you to service the piano and get precise tuning since the bar won't be in your way. Single stringing on your Bosendorfer will also make service easier. Each key is attached by itself and not bundled with other strings. When one breaks, you'll have a much easier time replacing one string.

Air-dried Austrian Spruce

Bosendorfer pianos are made from a very special type of wood that must fulfill certain qualifications before it can become a piano. The spruce trees must grow high above sea level because that is where the best wood for transmitting sounds comes from. The wood is then left to air dry for several years for perfect stability.


Each and every Bosendorfer piano is made by hand. Expert craftsmen labor over each piano following specific techniques to guarantee the highest quality piano with the best sound. It can take an entire year before one piano is completed.


The Bosendorfer company is one of the oldest piano manufacturers still in existence. It began in 1828 and Franz Joseph the emperor of Austria made it his official piano maker company.

Bosendorfer has had a long, beautiful legacy and it shows in every piano. For more information on Bosendorfer pianos, contact a company like Las Vegas Pianos.