Preparing Your Child for Piano Lessons

If you have a child who has been expressing interest in learning how to play the piano, the prospect of having them take lessons has most likely crossed your mind. Here are some steps to take to prepare your child for piano lessons. 

Listen to Music at Home

To add some excitement to your child's appreciation for music, make sure you provide them with ample listening time at home. Play the radio whenever you get into your car and play compact discs at home in a wide range of genres and styles. Be sure to point out parts of songs where the piano is present so they understand how this instrument is beneficial in adding to musical pieces.

Explain the Fundamentals of Music Reading

A younger child needs to know their alphabet, be able to mimic movements, and use memory skills to play the piano. Explain to your child that each note is represented by a marking on paper that they need to decipher to know which keys to press on a keyboard. Show your child examples of sheet music in a music store or online. Your child's private piano teacher knows how to help your child remember finger placement and has tips to help them remember where notes are positioned within the sheet music.

Start to Set Time Aside for Practice

When your child takes piano lessons, a big part of learning the instrument is the practice they put into learning pieces their teacher assigns for them to play between sessions. It is wise to start preparing your child for practice time, even before lessons take place. Set aside an hour each day where your child is expected to focus on their practicing. Before lessons start, use this time to play music for your child or go over reading music fundamentals. Practice time needs to come after other necessary tasks, such as homework, dinnertime, and chores. Make the practice time feel like a reward for getting through daily routine actions.

Obtain a Piano or Keyboard

Since practice time is so important, having an available piano or keyboard at home is best for your child. Spread the word to your friends and family about your desire to obtain one of these instruments. If your child is of school age, reach out to their music instructor to see if they know of someone selling or giving away a keyboard or piano. Your child's private instructor is another source for finding an instrument for your child to play.